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The best marketing and social media ads tips

One thing I’m going to be talking about is that the same action can produce vastly different results, depending on where you apply that action. This way, I’ll propose what I think are the best marketing and social media ads tips.

So if you do conversion rate optimization on your homepage, you could get 100x the results compared to doing CRO on another page that gets less traffic.

The other things I’m talking about are black swans and non-linearity.

Few events have a disproportionate impact on the end result, and these events are often unpredictable. But even though they are unpredictable, you can position yourself to benefit when Black Swans occur.

In blogging terms, a post that goes viral can bring 100x the results of your average post, and while predicting which post goes viral is tough, just publishing and promoting consistently increases your chances. Same with eg TikTok.

In non-marketing terms, a single career opportunity could change your life, and while it’s tough to hunt that opportunity yourself, you can publish your work online and that opportunity could find you.

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When you’re starting, ignore most marketing and social media ads tips. Just get customers and customer feedback, the rest is secondary.

The best marketing is a great product. Marketing multiplies the product, and you know what happens when you multiply by 0.

Other people’s audiences in the short term, your own audience in the long term.

On the internet, everything is an exponential curve. The #1 ranking website on Google gets exponentially more clicks than #5. One blog post shared by an influential person brings more web traffic than all of your other posts combined. Your marketing should take advantage of exponents whenever possible.

Marketing salary changes 2016-2020
Marketing salary changes 2016-2020


Google wants to show relevant, useful, and trustable content. So 80% of SEO is keywords (relevancy), user metrics (usefulness), and backlinks (trust).

Social when they don’t know they want it, search when they do.

Email is the only audience you own. Build a following on social but store a following on email.

Brand and positioning

The trustable brand is the long-term goal. Social proof is the shortcut to trust.

This post/tweet is the first someone has seen from you. Is that a first impression you’d like to create?

The brand is your attempt at escaping competition. Don’t strive to be the best but memorably different.


You’ve already created your next social media post. To post more without creating more, repurpose existing content.

Bring the value to the people, not the people to the value. If they’re on Twitter, give the value on that platform.

What content to produce: anything you can produce consistently for a long time that educates, inspires or entertains. Optimally, something only you can produce.


Find the interesting perspective, the hook. Before sweating the copywriting hacks, find something interesting to say. First, what to say, then, how to say it.

The best marketing is authentic. Aggressive CTAs, headline formulas, and fake scarcity may work on some but can be counterproductive on smart people who don’t like being sold to. When it’s you speaking authentically, it’s effective even without the hacks.


Tell them where to start. They don’t want to spend 3 hours researching and comparing. Give them the starter pack or “New here?” button.

If you have an audience, you can make money. And the funny thing about the internet: there is always an audience, for everything.

The best marketing advice is reverse-engineering how someone else did what you want to do. They’ve found what works so you don’t have to. It’s completely okay to copy up to a point, but know that you won’t get ahead of someone by using their playbook.

Social media ads tips

Over the past year, I’ve worked with tech startups in helping them with marketing campaigns to grow their brand awareness and get more sales. Companies were early-stage startups as well as some that already raised a Series A. Since most of them were such innovative products for both B2B and B2C, it pushed me to also be creative with the marketing strategies.

After constant A/B testing and doubling down on what works, here are the key things I learned while helping these startups with social media marketing and creating funnels:

Lead ads are the best bang for your buck

Ads that are simply offering a helpful lead magnet that helps the viewer and not trying to make a hard sale received exponentially more clicks. No selling, just helpful info that answers questions they might be having.

In-depth guides, as well as webinar signups in exchange for an email, gives you an audience to retarget to later on, which leads to even higher conversion rates because you already built some type of rapport with them.

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Sending leads to Messenger for better customer experience

The information content is still needed to help educate people and get them to see you as a thought leader, but now consumers and brands are needing to build deeper connections with each other to build brand and customer loyalty. Customers now value things beyond price, they stay loyal to companies that give them the overall best experience.

Sending leads to messenger allows exactly this. You can reply personally or set up chatbots to answer questions that are most likely to be asked to help ease their buying decisions.

I’ve built chatbots for clients that helped leads learn more about the company, get PDF guides, and even give surveys/quizzes to see if they were a good fit for each other. All of this helps keep their attention on your brand instead of quickly clicking out of a landing page.

9 Great social media ads tips
9 Great social media ads tips

Focus on one KPI at a time

Focusing on increasing sales and building your brand at the same time is not a winning combination.

When you’re chasing two goals at once, you won’t reach any of them. You’ll just get semi-decent results and won’t be confident to invest more into ads.

The most common thing I’ve seen is brand new startups who haven’t built any brand awareness online run ads that just tell people to sign up for their product. They never see themselves in the viewer’s eyes and ask themselves “why would I make a commitment to something I don’t have any info about?”

Social platforms are for being social, not for sales pitches. Those are best done when you’re able to get them off of the platform like in an email or phone call.

Proper Targeting is 90% of the battle

If you’re targeting the wrong people, it doesn’t matter how good your copy or your offer is, they won’t convert.

But if you’re targeting the right people, you can mess up in other areas and still have some decent success. After a couple changes to the ad image, copy, and landing page/messenger text, you’ll see your results get better over time.

If they’re clicking but not converting, the problem is where they’re landing, which is an easy fix with a couple tweaks. If they’re not clicking, it’s a whole lot more testing to see if the problem is with the targeting or the offer presented.

Steal your competitor’s audience

If you genuinely believe your product or your offer is better than your competitors, then go ahead, steal their audience and give them a run for their money.

For example, if you’re selling marketing software, you could go under the interest targeting section and choose other big brands like Hootsuite or Marketo.

This can help you get more engagement on your ads to, later on, build custom and lookalike audiences that have more potential to convert.

Drop a comment below on what you think are the best marketing and social media ads tips.

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